Left 2009/ Right 2011
I've lost 9 pounds since last Tuesday.  However, it's only 3 pounds since July 3.  I had put on some weight over the Holiday, and traveling to and from STL.  So, basically, I am down 3 pounds, which is wonderful still!  But that is not what I am celebrating today.  Today, I have tracked my calories for a week.  That means I have "cared" about what I was eating.  I have thought about it, before I consumed.  Decided whether or not I wanted to "spend" calories on a particular food.  That is the first step for me to losing weight and something I have to stick to in order to lose weight or maintain.  Otherwise, I am like a shopper with no cares about money.  I shop like crazy and before I know it, my wallet is empty and I owe money.

I've made some healthy choices over the week:  higher fiber, smaller portions, carrots for a snack, grilled chicken strips from Chick-fil-a, instead of crispy, no bacon or mayo on my sandwich.  I've also had some unhealthy choices: bites of 5 cheese mac and cheese, waffle fries, chocolaty Rice Krispy Treats,  and some Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip bar that my daughter made.  Probably too many unhealthy choices to keep losing weight with, but the point is that I budgeted for them.  I only went over on my calories one day by a couple hundred,  but was under on the rest.  By tracking, I knew what I was doing.  I had a successful week and am off to a great start at achieving my goals of losing weight.

Most importantly, I made the choice to care.  Everyday that I care about what I eat, I have achieved a monumental goal.  That for me has been the biggest hurdle. I am so good at pushing off the start of this weight loss journey because I am in terrible shape already.  What's one more fattening meal going to do?  It's going to keep me where I am now!  And I am obviously not happy where I am now, why else would I keep telling myself that I need to lose weight. That is why I am choosing to care!  Choosing to track my calories! Right now, I can celebrate this victory!