Left 2009/ Right 2011
I've averaged 2 pounds/week for the last 4 weeks! Slow, but steady!
My favorite day of the week!  I get to document my progress.  I a down another 3.5 pounds.  That makes 4 for the last two weeks and 13 since July 15.

Healthy choices this week:  I skipped several desserts that I watched my family eat.  (I may have tasted a couple bites).  I mostly had high fiber choices for cereal and breads.  Carrots and some fruit for snacks or with meals.  Not sure it it was this week that I had zaxby's zalad, but I've cut my lite ranch usage to half a pack from 1 1/2.  I eat about half of the salad without any dressing which I am developing a taste for.  Then, I use half a packet for the rest.  I've done that with other foods for a long time now, like sweet potatoes.  I like my sweet potato plain sometimes, and other times I want the toppings.  So, I get the toppings on the side (cinnamon, brown sugar and butter).  Eat it plain and then add a little sweets if I want some that way.  I also skipped the bun with my pork once or twice.  I was careful to weigh portions.  We had smoked pork meat to eat this week.  I think I would have lost more weight if we had a leaner meat, but that's what we had and I still lost.  I think I will try to smoke some chicken wings next.  My son just bought two jumbo bags of uncooked wings (by mistake).  He was suppose to get some precooked, skinless, frozen wings that you just reheat.  They were so tasty and good on the calories.  Not sure how these will turn out.  I hope they are skinless.